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About Us

iManuka isn’t just another honey brand. We are constantly innovating, looking for the needs of our tangata (people), and our whenua (land), and then creating products that not only meet these needs, but outperform anything else on the market.

iManuka products address the health of every member of your family. From your fur babies, to your children, your partners, and your parents. We have incorporated the healing properties of Manuka honey with carefully selected natural elements to target known issues faced by many of our whanau. Health comes from the inside out, and we aim to remix your life with products that work for you, and with you.

iManuka is constantly looking forward, and out. We have products being developed for widespread industries such as aged care, equine, and beverages, as well as the fitness industry and other bespoke NZ products. And our team is constantly brainstorming new ideas. Who knows what we’ll come up with next!

The question we always ask ourselves is: 

How can our products and services change people’s health, and lives for the better?

Everything we create is an answer to this fundamental question. 

Our Capabilities

Let's start with honey.

iManuka has a reputation for high grade, NZ origin, Manuka honey. We export UMF 5+ all the way through to UMF 25+. We also have one of the finest honey masters that New Zealand has to offer. Richard Hopkins has been in the industry for over 20 years and is a master of his craft. Velvety smooth, high grade manuka, perfectly creamed everyday bush honey, salt kissed coastal blends, and native honeys with distinct flavours and personalities. iManuka does it all. And we do it extremely well.
We can currently manufacture 10 tonne+ of honey per week, with the potential for more as needed. 
But honey is just the beginning! Sachets, lozenges, sprays, and tinctures? Beauty creams, exfoliants and burn creams? These are all things we are bringing to life. We also manufacture highly customised, ready to market honey nutraceutical products tailored to meet specific needs. We love seeing innovative products come to life outside the standard honey pot, and we’re invested in providing solutions for the health and wellbeing of the whole family. 

Our Facilities

iManuka is an innovative manufacturer, with brand new clean rooms, stainless steel honey tanks, thermalising skids, volumetric fillers, and even a COBOT called Dexter! Our manufacturing plant is second to none, and our automated packing line ensures our product is packed and shipped speedily and accurately. iManuka’s cutting edge technology combined with the pharma knowledge and experience our background offers, brings an unmatched quality that can be seen within every product we produce.

Our Processing Partners

We partner with leading equipment manufacturers such as Crystech,  Amseal, and HunterFiller to ensure our honey products are perfectly blended, creamed, and packed; and all our bottles and caps come to us from the award winning Pharmapac. We love supporting New Zealand companies and are so grateful for the support they give us in return. 

Quality You Can Trust

New Zealand has some of the strictest bio-security, safety and process standards in the world. And iManuka is no different. We hold FCP (Food Control Plan) Certificates, Dairy and Honey RMP’s (the NZ governments equivalent to HACCP), and GMP for the USA. We are audited by MPI every 3 months, and have strict protocols in place for our product manufacturing. iManuka also has an exceptional QA/QC in Kelvin Lao, who oversees all product formulations, audit paperwork, and safety standards. He ensures our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and with the strictest controls.

Our Values

iManukas’ main objective is to provide innovative products to our community that enhances the quality and enjoyment of their lives. 
We do this through a commitment to quality and safety, by caring for our clients’ health and wellbeing, by understanding what needs our products should meet, and finally by being inspired by the world around us. 
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