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Magnificent Manuka

The Manuka Story & its Benefits

The Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium) has been a part of New Zealand’s story for centuries. The Maori used its bark, gum, and leaves for various types of healing before its honey ever came to fame, and while we know now that Manuka honey is a superfood, it wasn’t until the late 80’s, that New Zealand scientist Dr. Peter Molan confirmed the presence of unique, antimicrobial properties.

Before this, Manuka was often fed to livestock, and many of our generational beekeepers still remember this! In fact, it was these very livestock, with their improved health, that encouraged Dr. Molan along with a group of beekeepers to undertake more research.

Manuka honey contains all sorts of natural goodies. It’s 2x sweeter than regular sugar which makes it perfect as a sugar replacement for people trying to minimize their intake, and it also has zero fat!
This makes it a great option for a pre or mid workout energy hit too. Manuka honey is widely used by cultures around the world with users claiming it has helped them with a variety of health problems. It’s said to provide health benefits like:
However you use our authentic New Zealand Manuka, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product, independently certified as genuine UMF, and full of natural goodness!
More than 2000 natural components have now been discovered in Manuka honey, bringing it to the forefront of natural health sciences. It’s rich in vitamins B&C, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. But clients use of manuka honey for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are what really set it apart from other honey types. 

Manuka Honey has a characteristic dark cream to dark brown colour. It is a delicious, thick, thixotropic honey with a strong mineral flavour. Once you get a taste for its flavour and benefits you never want to go back!

This gold standard in honey can be tricky to produce though! While it is a hardy shrub, and grows prolifically on both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, Manuka plants bloom for only a few weeks a year. This means hives are often moved multiple times to ensure the maximum amount of nectar can be captured from its delicate flowers, and beehives can often be found in some of the most remote, untouched parts of New Zealand. iManuka partners with some of the best beekeepers in the business, who’ve produced Manuka for decades, ensuring the finest grade of Manuka makes its way into our products.

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