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Our Beekeepers

Our Beekeepers

Beekeeping has a rich history in New Zealand. While we have 28 species of native bees which pollinate our plants and crops, they don’t produce enough honey for commercial harvesting. This changed in 1839 when Mary Bumby (a missionary) bought hives with her to New Zealand.
Now there are over 600,000 registered hives and New Zealand’s beekeepers produce around 22,000 tonne of honey a year. Pasture, Bush, Manuka, and everything in between is sold at markets, given as gifts, and exported worldwide.
Some of our 10,000+ registered beekeepers have been farming for two or even three generations, and it truly is a labour of love.
We work with many amazing beekeepers around New Zealand, sourcing the best honey for every situation. These are incredible people, and we want to continue to support, and partner with them. Because without them our industry would cease to exist.

Meet one of our key beekeepers

The Rodie family are multi-generational beekeepers situated in the South West of New Zealand’s North Island. Keith started beekeeping in 1977 and then with his brother ran a honey packing and pollinating business in the 80’s, and while Keith branched out into other opportunities over the years, he returned to beekeeping in the early 2000s. KAAJ was formed, and today the whole family are involved in the business. Keith is at the helm, with his wife Andrea keeping him organised, and their sons, Ash and Josh doing the beekeeping. Predominantly Manuka producers, the family runs over   1000 hives, keeping the team very busy!  As a family they  are a big part of the Apiculture industry in the North Island, and their honey is always exceptional. iManuka is very pleased to be able to call KAAJ Ltd a supply partner, and are looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with them.

As you can see, beekeeping isn’t just about honey. It’s about the land, the legacy, the lifestyle, and the bees. iManuka honey is a culmination of decades of hard work by talented apiarists. We’re just lucky enough to use it for producing our sensational products.

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